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Security Programs

We offer customizable programs to serve the cybersecurity needs of your growing business.

Startup companies

Startup Program

This security program is designed for companies with 1-10 employees. The team makes sure that the foundation of your cybersecurity program is set up for success.

Growth Program

This security program is for companies with 11-50 employees. Companies at this stage typically requires additional focus on compliance and privacy to continue to accelerate growth.


Scale Program

A program for companies with 51-250 employees. works alongside the IT team of these companies and provide expertise in specific cybersecurity areas.

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Right sized services. Security designed for your business, not large enterprise.

Rapid deployment. Helps to get you running in days, not months. Start with our gap assessments or external discovery offering.

Services that cover cloud, SaaS and traditional environments. Learn about our comprehensive monitoring solutions.

Personal, expert touch with our vetted team of freelance professionals. Learn more about the Alliance.

Technology agnostic approach enables us to support the tech you already have.

Accessible pricing models. Designed to make it easy to get started. Shop on our market of packaged services.

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Protecting Your Supply Chain: Cybersecurity Attacks You Should Be Aware Of

Cyberattacks are increasing everywhere. While tension resides in many industries, logistics and transportation firms need to take cybersecurity seriously because they are an alluring, high-impact target to cyber criminals. The most high profile of these cyberthreats is ransomware, which encrypts a company’s files until they pay a ransom, which can be thousands or even millions of dollars.

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Shift Left Security – DevSecOps Done Right

DevSecOps has seen a steady rise in popularity. Companies that have combined development and operations teams under a DevOps model have been generally successful in releasing code at a much faster rate.

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