5 Cloud Security Best Practices

Here’s a staggering fact: Each year, cybercrime rakes in more profits for criminals than the illegal drug trade and is predicted to cost the world $6 trillion by 2021. Given this, it shouldn’t be a surprise that cybersecurity attacks are becoming more common and more sophisticated (often targeting the financial assets of a business).
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So, Optimus decided to sit down with an expert in the field, Michael Argast, CEO and Co-Founder of Kobalt Security Inc. Based on our discussion, we picked our top 5 cloud security best practices.

Best Practice #1: Design security for how you are adopting the cloud (IaaS vs PaaS)

Best Practice #2: Migrate to the cloud quickly to avoid hybrid environments

Best Practice #3: Use Microservices to address multiple entry points

Best Practice #4: Use Proactive Security Methods 

Best Practice #5: Focus on risks with the greatest impact and highest probability of attack

Read on or watch the full video of our discussion on-demand here.


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