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Security Programs

We offer customizable programs to serve the cybersecurity needs of your growing business.

Startup companies

Startup Program

This security program is designed for companies with 1-10 employees. The team makes sure that the foundation of your cybersecurity program is set up for success.

Growing companies

Growth Program

This security program is for companies with 11-50 employees. Companies at this stage typically requires additional focus on compliance and privacy to continue to accelerate growth.


Scale Program

A program for companies with 51-250 employees. works alongside the IT team of these companies and provide expertise in specific cybersecurity areas.

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Cybersecurity Connected

Right sized services. Security designed for your business, not large enterprise.

Cybersecurity Growth

Rapid deployment. Helps to get you running in days, not months. Start with our gap assessments or external discovery offering.

Cybersecurity Data

Services that cover cloud, SaaS and traditional environments. Learn about our comprehensive monitoring solutions.

Cybersecurity Team

Personal, expert touch with our vetted team of freelance professionals. Learn more about the Alliance.

Cybersecurity Mobile

Technology agnostic approach enables us to support the tech you already have.

Secure Data

Accessible pricing models. Designed to make it easy to get started. Shop on our market of packaged services.

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Cybersecurity Monitoring: A Crucial Investment for Companies

Cybersecurity breaches have become a common occurrence, with companies of all sizes being targeted by malicious actors. The consequences of such breaches can be catastrophic, including loss of revenue, damaged reputation, legal implications, and even bankruptcy. To prevent these outcomes, it is essential for companies to invest in cybersecurity monitoring services.

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