About Kobalt's MSSP Services

Everyone deserves great cyber security. But it is harder than it needs to be. We're focused on changing that with our managed security platform and team of service professionals.

Our Story

Who we are

We’re an experienced team of cyber security professionals and developers determined to make a dent. Our experience, combined with a fresh mindset, allow us to see the challenges in current approaches and seek out innovative ways to address them.


What we do

We’re bringing the monitoring capabilities of enterprise-class security teams to smaller organizations. We build on world-class frameworks and toolsets, combining the power of the cloud and data at scale to address the complexity of cyber security. Learn more about our IT Security Management Services.


Why we do it

Innovation makes the world a better place. We work hard to defend that innovation so we can see the next great thing our customers are working on.

Our Values

What we believe in

Not words on a poster - actions lived every day. We look for team members, clients and partners who share our values so we can all move forward together.

Always Improving

We welcome diverse people, tech and approaches, learning continuously so we can serve our clients.


We challenge assumptions and experiment with new ideas and tools, accepting that failures are part of the path to success.

Positive Environment

We’re creating an open and supportive environment, building bridges and breaking down silos.

Celebrate Success

Ring the bell. Cheer on the big small steps towards our mission. We recognize everyone’s contribution.



Our experts

Kobalt Leadership

Michael Argast

Co-Founder and CEO

Jeff LaPorte


Jamie McMurray

Security Operations Manager

Ryan McElgunn

VP of Sales

Pankaj Agarwal

Co-Founder and Investor

Boris Wertz

Co-Founder and Investor