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Case Studies

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Purity Life Case Study

Auditing State of Security for a Health Products Distributor

Purity Life has been experiencing phishing and Trojan attacks on a regular basis, but its staff lacks essential knowledge to understand what the cyber threats are, and their implications for business. This inadvertently created issues in the process. A security gap assessment was conducted to understand where gaps are in its current IT security state.

Vivo Team Pentest Case study

Ensuring Network Security for An Online Learning Platform

Vivo Team was approached by a “white hat” hacker, who flagged a potential issue and suggested the company pay a ransom for the service. This heighted a 2022 strategic objective the company had already identified—to increase security with the support of a newly formed Development Team. But this potential issue expedited the process, and a penetration test was quickly conducted.

Pool Queue Pentest Case study

Assuring Platform Security for An Online Team Management Information Platform

Pool Queue was looking for a strong third-party validation to confirm that their platform provides the necessary security for their tenants, preventing any users from impersonating other users to gain access to private information.

Thrive Health SOC 2 Case study

A healthtech company’s journey to protect end-users’ privacy

For many healthtech companies, taking care of clients’ needs includes taking care of their personal information. Thrive Health prioritizes its end-users’ privacy and sought to comply with SOC2. Explore how Thrive Health leveraged to help them navigate and break down barriers to successfully achieve SOC2 compliance in a timely manner.

SideDrawer SOC 2 Case Study

SOC 2 Certification to Earn Customer Trust and Enable Business Growth

SideDrawer was eager to emphasize security as a top priority for its Document Vault Collaboration Platform. The Team identified System and Organization Controls 2 (SOC 2) as an enabler to enhance high-level security for their platform and earn clients’ trust, as well as leverage SOC 2 for early and rapid business growth.

ISO Internal Audit for Partly to Ensure Smooth Operation and Expansion

Partly never sees security as an add-on, but an integral part of their business. Before achieving ISO compliance, they already had some existing procedures in place, but with rising customer demands for ISO certification, aligning their cybersecurity goals with their business objectives will ensure a smooth operation and expansion. Case Study

ISO Internal Audit for to Demonstrate Security understands very well the importance of data protection, and how compliance helps unlock business potential. To and their customers, privacy comes first. More and more prospects were asking for proof that demonstrates their ability in protecting data and privacy.

Minutebook Case Study

Getting Minutebook to SOC2 Compliant

Minutbook’s goal is to provide the industry leading equity management platform to companies and law firms. They wish to have the best cybersecurity posture to secure the highly confidential data stored in their system. A SOC2 certification will ensure their customers and business partners that their systems are compliant and secure.