Compliance and Privacy

Compliance and Privacy


If you are targeting many industry verticals or international customers, you need should meet the latest security and privacy compliance and regulatory standards.

Compliance standards affect the way you collect, use and store sensitive information of clients and prospects. Companies that fail to meet compliance requirements lose the capacity to expand their business to new markets and lose business opportunities.

Many of our cloud-native clients achieved compliance with the following standards through working with the team. If you’re not sure which compliance standards your organization needs to comply with, you can talk it through with our security experts in a call.

Common Compliance Standards

Trying to determine which compliance standard is best for your organization? Download this cheat sheet to cut through the confusion and pick the right compliance.

Security Questionnaire

Before an organization chooses to do business with a service provider, it would use security questionnaires as a tool to evaluate and validate the service provider’s security controls and practices. If security standards are met, service providers can earn clients’ trust and close deals faster.

Service providers typically take a few hours or even days to complete a single security questionnaire. It is not time-efficient to have team members spend days completing multiple security questionnaires per month. This is where come in to help you make the most out of your team’s time.

How we do it

Security Questionnaire

By following the workflow above, can help you complete security questionnaires faster, shorten the deal-closing process and help achieve compliance at the same time.



Utilize data with confidence and reap the rewards

As businesses transform and innovate in a data-driven world, they face a growing number of privacy and data protection laws, both locally and cross-border. This leads to uncertainties surrounding data usage, resulting in missed business opportunities and breaches. has a suite of privacy services that can help you effectively map out your due diligence and compliance obligations under local and cross-border privacy laws. These services allow you to protect your clients and use data confidently.

Privacy Services

Privacy Gap Assessment

A 360 degree review of your business’ privacy program to identify areas of improvement. The findings can help your team make better decisions on privacy management strategies.

Assessment areas include privacy policies, data processing procedures, privacy breach containment education and training.

Privacy Impact Assessment

A step-by-step review process to make sure that your business protects the sensitive personal information it collects or uses for a flagship product (e.g. a SaaS solution) or an app – from the collection, use, disclosure, retention and destruction of personal data. Conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment can be a critical path item to selling to many larger organizations.

With a refined process of handling personal data, you gain a competitive advantage and earn clients’ trust.

Data Privacy Officer (DPO) for Hire

A designated DPO that works alongside your team at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal DPO. Outsourcing DPO can help you save money and time for training, and avoid your team members from wearing too many hats that affects their quality of work.

Benefits of excellent privacy management

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure that you are lawfully processing personal data in order to run your business and not over-collecting information that you don’t need. Any unnecessary collection or processing of personal information may be considered a privacy breach.

No, because you still need to examine all of the other ways in which personal information is being processed. This includes evaluating the consent forms and notices that you deploy whilst using your product, knowing when you are permitted to collect with consent and when consent is not required, ensuring your policy is tailored for customers in other jurisdictions and ensuring any internal processes to collect personal data are compliant.

Yes, because even if you are not collecting personal information from consumers, you are still gathering personal data relating to your employees and need to know how to handle that information. You are still legally bound to safeguard their personal information. Additionally, you are still gathering some personal information in the form of cookies on your corporate website.

Yes, we are SOC 2 compliant. We do our best to protect our clients, partners and employees by implementing strong cybersecurity controls and policies.