Develop Your Security Program

Whether it’s helping you develop your security program roadmap, implement awareness training for staff or building a compliance program we’re ready to help you out.

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Helping to build your security program - roadmaps, architecture, assessments provides a wide range of security advisory services to help you build out your security program, meeting you where you are with simple, easy to use building blocks.

Security Advisory & Compliance Services

You’re looking for a virtual CISO to give your organization guidance. Or maybe you need help achieving PCI compliance, completing a privacy impact assessment or developing a security roadmap. We have a variety of advisory services to meet your needs. Illustration Data Storage

Technology Assessment and Delivery

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Perhaps you’re looking to fill a gap in your technology portfolio but are overwhelmed with the choices. Or you’ve already acquired that shiny new firewall, are ready to deploy a next-gen endpoint solution, wage battle and put your aging Identity system to pasture. Regardless of the security technology, we’re here to advise, help you deploy and train your team for day two support.

User Education

Your team are your first and last line of defence. Our simple online training program is friendly, accessible and covers the basics of phish detection, password security, malware, ransomware, data protection and more.

Incident Preparation, Response & Forensics

Are you ready? You’re about to have a breach. Maybe it is something small like a Ransomware issue on a few company laptops. Or something larger like an insider leak and fraud. Our team can handle everything from putting out the fire, taking the stand to provide legal testimony or digging in deep to provide forensic evidence during an investigation.

Privacy & GDPR Consulting

Ensuring your organization aligns policies with all necessary privacy regulations will help significantly reduce fines in case of a breach. Proactive preparation for GDPR is critical for any organization storing user data – whether that be as simple as usernames and passwords or as critical as social security numbers, health or financial data.
Trusted Experts

Don’t see what you’re looking for here? Don’t worry, if it’s IT Security we can likely assist!

We draw on a network of over 100 independent cyber security professionals globally to enhance the capabilities of our in-house team to ensure our clients and partners get the solutions they’re looking for. Contact us today.