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Business Email Compromise and Fraud

Cyber attacks are coming fast and furious. Investigate three real-life cases of successful email compromises: self-discovered compromise, blackmail attempt, payment redirection. Gain insight into what defense strategies you can apply to your business.

Attack and Defense EP2: Protecting the Cloud

Cyber criminals target your cloud environment because that's where you store your most valuable data. In this Attack and Defense episode, we will dive deep into several different real-life cloud infrastructure breach events.

Are you prepared for a breach? A virtual tabletop webinar

Attack and Defense Webinar Series: Episode 3 Do you know how your team would react to a data breach? Set clear expectations, responsibilities and establish procedures to guide your team through the process. With clear directions, your team can effectively minimize loss from incidents. In this webinar, Tyler Hatch, Founder of DFI Forensics and Michael...

How to enable and secure work within your distributed teams

As your business grows, building a great culture, finding flow and ensuring security in your digital environment are becoming more crucial. If you don’t have the right tools and tactics to enable secured and efficient collaboration within your distributed team, your business can run into unnecessary risks.

How to create a cyber resilient business

As a business leader, one of the worst nightmares is becoming a victim of a cyber attack. A cyber attack can erase all the hard work you’ve put into the business throughout the years in a split second.