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Cybersecurity and Financial Services

Financial Services and Fintech companies rely on the safeguarding of sensitive data and financial information to operate. Kobalt.io helps these firms assess, deploy and run security programs that protect this critical asset.

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Financial Services and Fintech

Kobalt.io clients run booming eCommerce businesses, perform complex financial analytics, provide wealth management services for billions of dollars of assets under management and provide a wide variety of flexible financial instruments for consumers.

All these applications have a few things in common:

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Common Security Risks for Fintech

Threat Detection

Sensitive data is often held in secure cloud environments, and someone has to watch over these to reduce the risk of breaches. Kobalt.io’s managed threat detection is here to help.

The security assessment report is impressive. It covered all the security dimensions, and the Kobalt.io team is a great team to work with. The entire process was smooth and the deliverables were informative and detailed.

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Fintech Circle

Fintech companies have to adhere to complex financial and privacy regulations and the security demands of large financial institutions. We help you navigate this complexity and put solid security programs in place.

Your web and mobile applications, your cloud infrastructure and even your offices need to be free from vulnerabilities. Our extensive penetration testing and code analysis services helps ensure your platform is properly locked down, so only legitimate users can access the sensitive data held within. Our security program gap assessments help you build the foundation and roadmap for your security program from a holistic perspective.

Fintech Shield

Just like building and managing client wealth is a life long pursuit, cyber security is a journey that requires focus and dedication. Our team of expert advisors help ensure you are progressing your cyber security program while freeing up your internal resources to focus on business innovation and serving clients.

Kobalt.io’s user education helps ensure that your employees know security best practices to keep client data safe and secure. Choosing strong passwords, spotting phishing attacks, understanding data security best practices. Simple, online, self-directed training with quizzes and completion reporting will help keep your front line on track and safe from cyber threats.

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