Fraud Prevention

Email is critical to the lifeblood of modern business. Business email compromise is no joke, and continues to increase despite increased awareness. Take steps to protect your organization now

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How Business Email Fraud Work

Email and Phishing

Common Financial Fraud

Ways to Protect Your Organization

Data Protection

Vulnerability Scanning

Help ensure strong external posture


Managed Threat Detection

Detect account compromise, preventing long term dwell times

Email and Phishing

Email Security Standards

Shore up your email system defense

Social Engineering

User Education & Fraud Prevention Training

Prevent phishes, credential stuffing and teach financial staff how to prevent transfer fraud

Malware and Ransomware


Reduce risk of impersonation attacks

Fraud Prevention Plan

Fraud Prevention Plan

Additional Services

Managed endpoint protection has partnered with CrowdStrike to offer a single-agent solution to help stop breaches, ransomware, and cyber attacks – powered by world-class security expertise and deep industry experience.

Implemented and operated by the team, our managed CrowdStrike solution will ensure effective deployment and management of endpoint protection to help safeguard the people, processes, and technologies that drive your business. 


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Business Email Compromise and Defense

As businesses scale to meet rising demands, getting a clear visibility of what is happening in your digital assets is vital. It is important to run continuous monitoring to effectively scan for a broad range of attacks, troubleshoot potential risks and secure your tech stack.

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Fortifying Your Security Frontline with Awareness Training

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