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Cybersecurity and Green Technology

A greener future depends on cyber security. Digitalization in the green technology sector expands surface area for cyber attackers

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Common Security Risks for Green Tech

From computerized systems that are used to control industrial operations to critical infrastructure that are used to manage electricity grids, the increase in interconnectivity poses higher risk of cyber attack. Sensitive data is held in secure cloud environments, and someone has to watch over these to reduce the risk of breaches. Kobalt.io’s managed threat detection is here to help.

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Consumer technologies such as smart meters, electric vehicles store sensitive personal data. Any compromises in device could cause significant damage to other connected systems. Whether it’s achieving your SOC 2 certification for the first time, staying compliant with HIPAA or PIPEDA, working through ISO27017, conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment or ensuring adherence to other privacy standards, we have the advisors to help speed you on your journey.

It was a great experience working with the Kobalt.io team on the ISO internal audit. I am impressed by how well they explained the ISO requirements and how quickly they understood our process that enabled them to deliver the report in a short period of time. I look forward to working with them again.

Ransomware Protection

The economic and reputational impacts of ransomware incidents can be severe. Conducting regular vulnerability scans and having endpoint protection in place help identify loopholes and address them preemptively helps limit attack surface. 

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As we are living in this increasingly interconnected world, the need to build resilience to withstand future shocks from both climate change and cyber attacks has become more imminent. Our team of expert advisors help ensure you are progressing your cyber security program while freeing up your internal resources to focus on business innovation and serving clients and patients.

Our extensive penetration testing and code analysis services help ensure your platform is properly locked down, so only legitimate users can access the sensitive data held within. Our security program health checks help you build the foundation and roadmap for your security program from a holistic perspective. 

Employees are your first line of defense. Companies should have a set of cyber security standards in place to equip employees with knowledge on risk management. Policies may include risk assessments, and simulation exercises. Kobalt.io’s user education helps ensure that your employees know security best practices to keep client data safe and secure.

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