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Cybersecurity in Health Tech

Health technology is empowered by proper use of sensitive data and ensuring patient privacy is properly protected. Cyber security is critical, and Kobalt.io is here to help.

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Kobalt.io & Health Tech

Kobalt.io’s US and Canadian healthtech clients are providing virtual care solutions, support for front line workers, sophisticated genetic analysis and testing services. Many healthcare organizations also have various types of specialized hospital information systems such as EHR, e-prescribing, and clinical decision support systems. All these applications have a few things in common:

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Common Security Risks for Health Tech

Security strategy planning

A Security Gap Assessment is the process of evaluating your organization’s current security posture and security framework. It involves identifying gaps and areas where improvements can be made. The goal of a security gap assessment is to identify vulnerabilities and potential threats and to determine if the organization has adequate security measures in place to deal with them

Kobalt.io helped us achieve our goal of auditing our current state of IT security,and provided a solid list of recommendations as the next steps to take our IT security to another level.

Sensitive data is held in secure cloud environments, and someone has to watch over these to reduce the risk of breaches. Kobalt.io’s managed threat detection is here to help.


Whether it’s achieving your SOC2 certification for the first time, staying compliant with HIPAA or PIPEDA, working through ISO27017, conducting a Privacy Impact Assessment or ensuring adherence to other privacy standards, we have the advisors to help speed you on your journey.

Kobalt.io gives us peace of mind as our trusted advisor. They are responsive and provide advice quickly when needed.

Your web and mobile applications, your cloud infrastructure and even your offices need to be free from vulnerabilities. Our extensive penetration testing and code analysis services helps ensure your platform is properly locked down, so only legitimate users can access the sensitive data held within. Our security program health checks help you build the foundation and roadmap for your security program from a holistic perspective. Kobalt.io’s user education and HIPAA training helps ensure that your employees know security best practices to keep client data safe and secure.

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Just like maintaining and supporting patient health is a life long pursuit, cyber security is a journey that requires focus and dedication. Our team of expert advisors help ensure you are progressing your cyber security program while freeing up your internal resources to focus on business innovation and serving clients and patients.

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