How Walnut Insurance is Facilitating — and Protecting — a New Kind of Insurance Experience

Walnut is an embedded insurance provider making insurance more loveable, relevant, timely and secure — with an approach that prioritizes the client experience and security.
Cybersecurity Business

The foundational importance of cyber security

Insurance is very personal. When you consider life insurance, providers ask for birthdate, health questions, family history, smoking history and more. It is highly sensitive information that no one wants others to know. 

Considering the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, Walnut requires a robust cyber security infrastructure that can adapt quickly.

Partnering with for enhanced cyber security protection

To meet the full scale of their cyber security requirements, Walnut works with, a cyber security firm specializing in helping businesses defend their business and data. “With we conduct an annual penetration test, which helps us identify vulnerabilities in our systems,” explains Szeto. 

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