Kobalt.io Announces Collaboration with RBC to Enhance Small and Mid-Sized Business Cybersecurity Resilience

Accelerating digital transformation has driven businesses to rapidly adopt contactless solutions such as remote work, health, and financial technology services, cloud-based software solutions. However, where safeguards have not matched the pace of the swift online migration, higher cybersecurity risks are the consequence. Kobalt.io and RBC are collaborating to offer risk-centric cybersecurity programs and operational services that will help strengthen the resilience of the Canadian small and mid-sized businesses.
RBC& Kobalt.io Collaboration

“Kobalt.io’s mission is to build consumable, scalable technology-enabled services that help make the problem of cybersecurity tractable to small and mid-sized businesses, and to forever change the game in this segment of the market. We are bringing right-sized, high-quality services to these organizations to solve their security problems so they can focus on growing their business,” said Michael Argast, CEO and Co-Founder, Kobalt.io.

Under the new program, RBC business clients will receive discounts on cybersecurity services and programs provided by Kobalt.io and receive round-the-clock support. The collaboration will enable more small and mid-sized businesses to access cybersecurity expertise, and to reduce their risks in a focused, cost-effective way.

“In today’s digital economy, cybersecurity preparedness is now part and parcel of running a resilient and thriving business,” said Greg Grice, Executive Vice-President, Business Financial Services, RBC. “We hear from many of our clients that defending against cyber threats is increasingly a key concern, and we’re excited to offer Kobalt.io’s leading cybersecurity solutions to help them address and manage these evolving risks. Our collaboration with Kobalt.io is one of the critical ways in which we’re working to support Canadian entrepreneurs along every step of their journey, whether that’s starting, scaling or protecting their business.”

For small business owners across Canada, the need to adopt more advanced cybersecurity technologies and practices has become more pressing than ever. A recent poll conducted by RBC found that 44% of Canada’s small business owners surveyed anticipate becoming a victim of cybercrime in the next 12 months, but four in ten admit that they are not knowledgeable about cybersecurity in their industry. Though small and mid-sized firms are often highly targeted by cyber attacks, many struggle with the expertise, manpower, and IT budget needed to manage cyber risks. Unlike larger enterprises, they are underserved when it comes to fast, reliable, and flexible security support.

“While large organizations are able to maintain robust cybersecurity protocols, many smaller businesses have difficulty implementing or maintaining cybersecurity practices, leaving them vulnerable to cyber-attacks,” commented Adam Evans, Chief Information Security Officer, RBC.

“Everyone deserves reliable, high-caliber cybersecurity. We are very excited to collaborate with RBC to assist the small and mid-sized businesses who form the backbone of Canadian economic growth, in shoring up defenses, remediating gaps, and setting a course to meet their goals,” adds Argast.

For more information on this program, visit https://landing.kobalt.io/en-ca/rbc-client

RBC business clients can contact their RBC advisor or Kobalt.io at [email protected].

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Kobalt.io is a rapidly growing company that manages all aspects of cybersecurity programs for small and medium-sized, cloud-native businesses. Our team acts as an extension of our clients, considering their unique limitations and needs and supporting them with services ranging from security program-as-a-service to privacy management and 24×7 monitoring. Ensuring our client’s security and helping drive their business growth are our top priorities.


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