Managed Threat Detection

Managed Threat Detection

Stop threats from becoming disasters

Monitor you business 24/7

You are a small or medium-sized business with big dreams but a small, focused team. You need a partner to help you detect security attacks and risks, allowing you to address them quickly while keeping your team focused on key deliverables.

Have your business monitored 24/7 to get alerts on malicious activities and attacks, risks and vulnerabilities. The sooner you address and contain a cyber incident, the lower the impact on your business.

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What is monitoring?

Cybersecurity monitoring is a threat detection strategy that continuously scans your IT ecosystem for control weaknesses, sending alerts to a security incident and event management (SIEM) system. This enables the organization to mitigate potential information security risks before they escalate to security incidents.

Why you need 24/7 monitoring?

In today’s fast-paced, always-connected world, the need for round-the-clock monitoring has become an absolute necessity for businesses. The sooner you spot a cybersecurity threat, the faster you can respond and recover. 

How monitoring improves your security posture and scales your business

Common Risks Detected

850+ detection rules support our detection and investigation, covering things like:

"We view as a valuable extension to our team. They help us fill in gaps and ensure our security. They keep their managed threat detection service simple, and allow us to stay ahead of the game and focus on what is important for us."

–   Robert Fraser, Ph.D., President & CEO, Molecular You

What kinds of data do we look at?


Security Sources

Checkpoint, Fortigate, Palo Alto, Sonicwall, WAF, etc.

Endpoint Protection
Crowdstrike, MalwareBytes, MS Defender, Sophos Central, Trend, etc.

1Password, Fail2Ban, Lacework, etc.


Identity Sources

Identity systems
Active Directory, Azure AD, Okta *

Duo, Keycloak, Okta *


SaaS / Infrastructure

Directory services, AWS, Azure, Dropbox, GCP, Github, GitLab, GSuite, O365

Apache, IIS, Linux, nginx, Windows

How does managed threat detection work?

Logging and alerting

The team sets up systems to collect logs from your organization’s infrastructure, collect relevant data and find events that are out of the norm.


Review alerts 24/7, keeping the bulk of the noise away from your team while surfacing real threats. Analyze activities for malware, attackers and other suspicious activities.


Aggregate lower level risks into weekly reports that allow you to see trends, address minor threats before they become serious compromises.


Investigate the suspicious activity sources and scope in a fast and effective manner.

Recommend provides case-to-case advisory services based on analyzed and investigated results to strengthen clients’ security systems and defense from future potential malicious activities.

Live Review

Your assigned SOC lead will review reports with your team, respond to questions and offer suggestions based on the findings.

Why monitor with

We Utilize the MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Enjoy the benefits of a 24/7 SOC team without building one yourself

  • We have a full, two-tier, 24/7 team
  • We manage the staffing, the 24/7 schedule, the training
  • We make sure we are looking at the right data
  • We maintain and grow the library of investigation procedures
  • We manage the tool
  • We track the health of the log sources
  • We tune the rules
  • We look after the upgrades

IT security management shouldn't be scary.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When a security threat is detected, our team of analysts immediately initiates an incident response process. This involves gathering additional information about the threat, assessing its severity and potential impact, and informing you so you can take appropriate actions to contain, mitigate, and remediate the threat. We maintain clear communication with your organization throughout the incident response process to ensure transparency and collaboration.

Yes, our monitoring service provides real-time alerts for security incidents detected within your environment. These alerts are prioritized based on severity and relevance, allowing your IT team to promptly respond to potential threats and vulnerabilities before they escalate into major security incidents.