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How to Improve Cyber Security for Your Small Business: Podcast

Just because you run a small business doesn’t mean you’re beyond being targeted for a cyber attack. Small businesses often hold the same sensitive customer information as larger enterprises. That, combined with fewer resources to devote to cyber security knowledge and mitigation, makes them an attractive target to hackers.

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Michael Argast: Kobalt.Io Managing All Aspects Of Cybersecurity Programs

With limited resources, smaller businesses are often underprepared for cyberattacks and data breaches, and they can find it especially difficult to recover when they do occur. enables SMEs to outsource cybersecurity, leveraging strength in numbers they don’t have on their own. It also makes high-level security affordable for smaller enterprises

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Is an Unknown Security Gap Putting Your Business in Danger?

Businesses wouldn’t have to be concerned about cybersecurity in an ideal world. They would be free to concentrate completely on expanding their company rather than worrying about becoming the next “Massive Data Breach at…” headline. If you don’t want to be the next Ransomware headline, consider taking this 10-minute ransomware self-assessment to gauge your risks.

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