World class IT security management for human sized Teams.

Continuous monitoring your cloud, SaaS and corporate environments to ensure security and compliance.

Who we serve, what we protect

We’re an experienced team of cyber security professionals determined to make a dent. Our experience, combined with a fresh mindset, allow us to see the challenges in current approaches and seek out innovative ways to address them.


Public production environments in AWS, GCP, Azure and others store sensitive data and need to be operational, always.’s SecOps team watches for signs of attack, configuration risks that could lead to data loss and other threats to business operations.


Whether it is your code in Github, your email in GSuite or your client data in Salesforce, your organization has data sprayed across numerous SaaS providers. Credential misuse, employee turnover, misconfigured integrations and more can put this data at risk and jeopardize your business.


The CEO’s laptop. Your dev team’s code and credentials. A swarm of firewall alerts. Phishing and ransomware attacks. keeps it all under a watchful eye and ensures your staff is safe and secure, and a compromise at the office doesn’t lead to a leak in the cloud.

How We Do It

We combine event data from your entire organization into our cloud analytics platform allows us to gain early insight into risks and notify your team of real threats.


We don’t define what tech you run – instead we ingest data from a diversity of cloud, SaaS and corporate sources to build up a true view of your organization’s assets and data.


Combining analytics tools with machine learning, anomaly detection and other advanced techniques across a wide range of customers allows us to leverage learnings in one customer environment to benefit all our clients.

Monitor’s experienced, dedicated SecOps team proactively hunts through customer event data and external sources for security issues missed by automated techniques, and use what they find to improve our detection capabilities.


Tailored notifications, recommended remediation steps, reporting that gives you insight into security trends and risks at your organization. Targeted advice based on what we’re seeing – not generic checklists. Our recommendations help you take the next step forward on your security journey.

IT security management shouldn't be scary. Let us help!

Focus on closing business, your next product release, the innovation that makes you tick. Kobalt will focus on your security.