Paving the Way to A Passwordless Future

Passwords are one of the oldest security tools in the internet. But today, we see rising cybercrime. Passwords are hard to remember, easy to replace, guess, hack, and intercept, leading to constant attack. They are the number one target of cybercriminals and a lot of the breaches involve weak and stolen passwords.

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Cybersecure Canada

Getting Certified – Cybersecure Canada

Cybersecure Canada encourages organizations to implement as many of these baseline controls as possible, and they understand that not every organization can implement every control. If the majority of Canadian organizations implement these controls your organization will be more resilient and cyber-secure.

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Digital Identity

Digital Identity: The Perimeter of Business Cyber Resilience

Digital identity is an increasingly popular attack vector for cybercriminals. The vulnerability of online identity breeds cybercrime. Unsecured and unmanaged digital identities are exposing organizations to greater cybersecurity risks. With so much of our personal information now available online, protecting it is crucial.

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