Penetration Test

Penetration Testing

offers a practical way of testing your cyber security measures using trained professionals

What is a pentest: types, scoping and pricing

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Why Conduct a Pentest? Illustration Success

Ensure strong cybersecurity within the organization Illustration Energy

Raise security awareness within the organization Illustration Service

Provide security confidence to clients and partners

Pentest Approaches​

  • Black Box Pentest

    Identify vulnerabilities in a system that are exploitable by ethical testers without previous knowledge of the network.

  • Gray Box Pentest

    Provide a more in-depth assessment of the system and identify the greatest risks and countermeasures.

  • White Box Pentest

    A sophisticated type of testing that provides a comprehensive assessment of both internal and external vulnerabilities.

“We have an identified partner in cyber security moving forward as our team has more capacity. We are looking forward to working more deeply with in the future and expect to continue to collaborate in the future.”

– Erin Berube, VP of Operations, Vivo Team

Pentest Timeline

Complete Agreement

Sign off on the Proposal, Complete Payment Details in Stripe

Kick Off Call

Introductions, Scheduling, Review Scope & Prerequisites for Testing


Provide Credentials and Access to, Runs from 2 Days to 2 Weeks Depending on Type and Scope


Testing Concludes, Deliver Final Report

Executive Review

Review Results, Answer Questions, Retesting Issues to Verify Successful Remediation

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Pentester Qualifications

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Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability assessment is a test to uncover and evaluate vulnerabilities within your IT and cloud infrastructures.

Secure Developer Training

Helps you complete this compliance requirement but has the added benefit of training your developers on the mistakes that led to the vulnerabilities we found during our pentest.

Enhanced User Education

It includes awareness training and continuous phish testing, can help you not only with compliance but also cybersecurity insurance needs.

7x 24 Managed Threat Detection

The sooner you address and contain a cyber incident, the lower the impact on your business.


Virtual CISO can help you evaluate risks, determine technology solutions, evaluate technical controls, select compliance standards and plan and execute roadmap items.


A designated DPO that works alongside your team at a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal DPO.

Managed Compliance

Our offering can help you with other needs on your way to achieving ISO27001, SOC2, GDPR and HIPAA compliance

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