Kobalt and SaaS Companies

Cybersecurity and SaaS

B2B SaaS companies are rapidly changing the technology stack for businesses small and large. Kobalt.io loves and uses SaaS applications extensively through our business, and we were founded with the needs of B2B SaaS companies squarely in mind.

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Pay as you grow

Kobalt.io’s services are designed to be easy and affordable to start with, and grow as you need us more. Predictable monthly services and fixed cost engagements enable you to invest in security in a predictable, scalable way.

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Common Security Risks for SaaS

Cloud infrastructure

B2B SaaS companies are built cloud up, cloud first. You know, as do we – that your critical data lives in AWS, Azure, GCP and a variety of critical SaaS tools like Github, Slack, GSuite, O365 – not in some dusty data centre or wiring closet. Kobalt.io’s focus on companies like yours enables us a deep understanding of security threats and best practices. Our security monitoring services help keep this infrastructure buttoned up.

Individual Coding

Vendor Security Checklist And Security Programs

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The bane of every fast growing SaaS company – the dreaded security questionnaire. Hundreds of vague questions, loose interpretations, seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Our staff are deeply familiar with these and can help you get solutions in place, cost effectively and rapidly, so you can move forward in closing these big deals. Or – if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and tackle compliance – SOC2, ISO27017, CSA CAIQs and more – we’re here to help.

User Education

Your cloud infrastructure, web and mobile applications, and even your offices need to be free from vulnerabilities. Our extensive penetration testing and code analysis services helps ensure your platform is properly locked down, so only legitimate users can access the sensitive data held within. Our security program gap assessments help you build the foundation and roadmap for your security program from a holistic perspective. Kobalt.io’s user education helps ensure that your employees know security best practices to keep client data safe and secure.

Team coding

Cyber security is a journey that requires focus and dedication. Our team of expert advisors help ensure you are progressing your cyber security program while freeing up your internal resources to focus on business innovation and serving clients.