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Your team is the front line. Help them keep your business and data secure through effective education and regular phish testing .

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Your team is the most important link in your organization’s security.

The number of cyber attacks has been increasing every year. The most pervasive threats including phishing and ransomware, target users to breach your security defenses.

When end users are educated on how to spot a cyber attack or avoid one, the risk of a breach reduces massively.

Enroll your teams into awareness training today to keep your organization and clients safe.

Security Awareness Training Modules

Data Protection

Data Protection



Email and Phishing

Email and Phishing

Social Engineering

Social Engineering

Malware and Ransomware

Malware and Ransomware

Optional Modules (included in the price):

Pricing from $3.50/user/month.

Training Formats

"We absolutely love the security training awareness module, especially the real-world scenarios to show applications of key concepts. provides excellent online training materials that are very engaging and instrumental for users working from home."

– David Keene, Vice President of Engineering, Vantage Point Logistics

Regular Phish Testing & Phish of the Month

We pair our security awareness training with continuous phish testing. Regular testing and real-time feedback are instrumental in maintaining a high level of alertness amongst your team.

Phish Testing

End users are the largest and most vulnerable target in most organizations. Phishing attacks grow every year, making an end-user security awareness training program and regular phishing tests essential for any security programs.

What is phish testing?

A phishing test is a mock phishing attack simulated by professional security experts. It is created to test how effectively an organization’s employees can resist phishing attacks. Depending on the test results, organizations can work with to carry out various remediation measures to tighten up security and train employees.

Tailor phish testing to your organization

For example:

  1. Include all your employees or a subset, according to your objectives for the test.
  2. Run tests for a month with approximately two emails targeted at each user per week, with a mix of standard and custom messages.
  3. Design remediation activities based on actionable reporting and metrics provides.
  4. Run tests periodically to keep your team’s skills sharp, measure improvements and reduce your risks.

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Fortifying Your Security Frontline with Awareness Training

Cyber security in the workplace has become increasingly critical as more organizations migrate to cloud services. As adoption of digital channels and work from home initiatives have grown exponentially, so too has the number of phishing attacks, business email frauds, data breaches and ransomware attacks.

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If employees click on phishing tests, they are redirected to a landing page with a quick training
experience, including a short, funny, but educational video along with tips on how to spot and
avoid phishing emails in the future

Data shows that employees are less likely to retain information if the security awareness training is conducted infrequently. This is why offers bite-sized content on a variety of topics to keep employees engaged, and tests to ensure comprehension.

The cost of an effective security awareness training program will vary depending on the size of your organization. focuses on providing cybersecurity solutions to sall and mid-sized business. The cost of our user education is $3.50/user/month, which includes security awareness training and regular phish testing. For added layers of security, buddle with our other services, such as our security and privacy gap assessment and managed threat detection. 

HIPAA training is required for the individuals and organizations on which HIPAA regulations are applicable. These organizations
are called in legislative terms as Covered Entities and Business Associates. According to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), there are three categories of Covered Entities: healthcare providers, healthcare clearinghouses and health insurance plans.

According to statistics, after 12 months of consistent training, an employee is 70% less likely to click
on a phishing email

We strongly advocate for conducting phishing tests for all employees within a company. No individual, including the C-suite or IT personnel, should be considered immune to the risks posed by phishing attacks. In fact, these departments often become prime targets for such attacks, underscoring the critical importance of training everyone. Furthermore, fostering a security-conscious culture requires a top-down approach. If leaders are unwilling to participate in phishing tests, it sends a concerning message to the rest of the company. Therefore, it is essential to train every individual within the organization.