Security Program as a Service

Security and growth go hand in hand. Ensure sustainable business growth.

If clients are confident in your business’ security capabilities and practices, you can gain a competitive edge. Here’s a win-win situation: Clients feel protected working with you, while you leverage cyber security to grow your business.

Security Program-as-a-Service (SPaaS)

Before starting to work on your security program, you’ll need to know your strategies for three important steps:
  • Understand vulnerable areas in your security posture

  • The methods to address vulnerabilities

  • The approaches to sustain and stay secure

Our SPaaS program offers fundamental services that can guide you through the steps above. A designated team of security experts will work closely with you to accomplish your business’s security goals.

Service of SPaaS include:


Detect and assess for vulnerabilities

Gap assessment
Vulnerability assessment
Cloud security audits

Detect and assess for vulnerabilities

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Detect and assess for vulnerabilities

Roadmap development via risk based approach
Security team development and program management
Policy review and management
Compliance requirements

Develop actionable strategies for strong security

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Run and Monitor your security program

Security monitoring
Security Awareness training
Incident response plan development and retainer
Vulnerability Management

Run and Monitor your security program

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Your Benefits

  • Gain access to over 70 security experts

  • Save expenses and resources from building an internal security team

  • Tailor this program to your compliance standards like SOC 2 and ISO

  • Receive guidance and advice through your cyber security journey