Software Composition Analysis

Software Composition Analysis

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What is Software Composition Analysis?

Software Composition Analysis (SCA) is an automated process that identifies the open source software in a codebase and evaluates risk, security, compliance and code quality. 

If you have web applications, conducting an one-time or continuous software composition analysis can identify and protect you from vulnerabilities in external components such as open source software and commercial libraries. These external components are generally leveraged by software developers to bring more capabilities to the market quicker. But they are common attack vectors for cyber criminals.

Unlock your capabilities to:


Suppress vulnerabilities immediately

Detect vulnerabilities and stop them on the path to production immediately.


Identify problematic licenses contained within your apps

Lower the chances of running into legal risk and rights issues. Ensure that your business maintains a positive reputation and avoids financial losses at all times.


Develop and enforce policies for compliance

Earn clients' trust by complying with industry standards. It can be a business driver to open up new streams of opportunities.