Vanta and Vanta work together to provide our clients with value beyond compliance. With cybersecurity, compliance and data privacy expertise, combined with Vanta’s best-in-class technology, our clients can quickly achieve their security compliance goals, proving trust and driving growth.

About Vanta

Vanta is the leading trust management platform that helps simplify and centralize security for organizations of all sizes. Over 5,000 companies rely on Vanta to build, maintain and demonstrate their trust—all in a way that’s real-time and transparent. Founded in 2018, Vanta is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Dublin, New York and Sydney. For more information, visit

We’re thrilled to partner with and to continue building upon our partnership by continuously delivering best-of-breed compliance and security solutions to customers globally. The team has true thought leadership and expertise in the cybersecurity space and delivering high-value solutions to their customers and our customers. Putting customers first and securing the internet is at the heart of what we do at Vanta. Together the Vanta and partnership is deeply important for better security practices in organizations and we are excited for what’s next!

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A Quick Overview of

Achieving Compliance with is a certified service partner of Vanta. and Vanta work together to provide our clients with value beyond compliance. With cybersecurity, compliance and data privacy expertise, combined with Vanta’s best-in-class technology, you can quickly achieve your security compliance goals at a lower costs, proving trust and driving growth. 

If you have recently acquired a Vanta license to automate compliance and security across your organization, we are excited to offer our compliance package to further accelerate your compliance journey. If you don’t have a license, we are happy to help get you one so that you can fast track your compliance journey.

QuickStart Package

Ideal for customers who want to “Get Green” in Vanta.

Our package includes:

  • Policy 
  • Automation and integration
  • System Description Generator, a core scoping requirement 
  • Upload evidence 
  • Review, organize, and assign ownership 
  • Provide a checklist of work completed
  • Quickstart Package From USD $2500
  • Vanta License Starting at USD $7500 Annually

    based on company size

FullStart Package

Ideal for customers who is looking for a complete solution.

Our package includes everything needed to get to audit

  • Full QuickStart package plus 
  • Cloud security remediation
  • Incident Response and DR/BCP tabletop exercises
  • Risk Assessment
  • Optional small gray box pentest
  • Auditor support and more…
  • FullStart Package From USD $10,000
  • Vanta License Starting at USD $7500 Annually

    based on company size

Managed Compliance Program

Ideal for customers who want to be compliant and beyond, our Managed Compliance Program combines our industry-leading security, privacy, and compliance expertise with a managed Vanta solution to help you achieve and sustain compliance across one or more cybersecurity and privacy standards, such as SOC2 Type 2, ISO27001 and GDPR. The program includes:

Frameworks supported by

More Services

"The team is such a good team to work with. It didn't take long to recognize that they are extremely knowledgeable about the requirements of an ISO audit. We were very happy with the detailed report, and informative sessions we received."

– Nathan Taylor, Chief Operating Officer at Partly has served over

clients across the world

Here's what they say


Purity Life

Security Gap Assessment

Auditing the state of security for a health products distributor​

Vivo Team

Penetration Test

Ensuring network security for an online learning platform

pool queue

Penetration Test

Assuring platform security for An online team management information platform

thrive health

SOC2 Compliance

A healthtech company’s journey to protect end-users’ privacy


SOC2 Compliance

SOC2 certification to earn customer trust and enable business growth


ISO Internal Audit

An organization building the global platform for replacement parts


ISO Internal Audit

Demonstrating security for an AI platform


SOC2 Compliance

Ensuring their customers and  partners that systems are compliant and secure

Let us know how we can support you!

Assess your current state and key risks, ensure Vanta is properly integrated

Deploy key operational support including security monitoring, user education

Deploy customized policies and procedures that support client’s methodologies

Achieve and sustain compliance and reduce risks through program framework

Support client, auditor and executive conversations to achieve growth objectives

Useful resources to help you achieve compliance​


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Chicken Or The Egg: Compliance or Clients?

Early stage startups targeting enterprise clients often find themselves in an interesting conundrum, which is they have key prospects that tell them that in order to purchase the startup needs to prove their security in the form of SOC2, ISO27001 or another compliance standard.

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April Compliance & Trust Webinar

Establishing Customer Trust through Compliance

Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. Companies around the globe are challenged by increased regulatory requirements and consumer expectations for privacy protection. So, how can you demonstrate security, and build consumer trust through achieving compliance?

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Role of GRC in Fraud and Breach Prevention for SMBs

As businesses scale to meet rising demands, getting a clear visibility of what is happening in your digital assets is vital. It is important to run continuous monitoring to effectively scan for a broad range of attacks, troubleshoot potential risks and secure your tech stack.

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Webinar Security Questionnaire

Security Questionnaire and Compliance Webinar

If you’re selling to large enterprise, government or other regulated industries, you’ll have come across the dreaded “security questionnaire” or complex security contractual terms. It’s a chasm you need to cross in order to be able to close the deal and take your business to the next level, but for those who aren’t immersed in security, the technical terms can be complex, the costs uncertain and risks high.

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