Virtual CISO

A designated Virtual CISO can help you evaluate risks, determine technology solutions, evaluate technical controls, select compliance standards and plan and execute roadmap items.

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What is a vCISO?

A virtual CISO, or vCISO, is an outsourced security professional who serves as the CISO for your organization on a part-time or project basis. Unlike an in-house CISO, a vCISO is not a full-time employee of your organization, and therefore is a more cost-effective solution for businesses looking to improve their cybersecurity posture.

Why Hire a vCISO?

What Does a vCISO Do?



Focus on security controls, policy, conduct risk assessments



Mitigate the damage and oversee new investment in cybersecurity

Compliance/ GRC focused

Compliance/ GRC focused

With expertise in standards, regulations and laws



Identify a roadmap, driving/ leading a security program

"'s vCISO provided clear guidance and support, managing our ISO 27001 compliance process on Vanta with ease. It's so much easier to work with them than if we had to start from scratch."

– Chris Spencer, CTO at Silico

How to Work with a vCISO


Define Your Security Maturity Level & Needs



Define Your Security Strategy


Implement and Optimize a Security Program 

Why Work With Illustration Success

Exposure to more environments, and ability to bring learnings from one client to another Illustration Service

Part of an extended team of experts, not solely reliant on own skills and expertise


Offer an external point of view


We can support international team or clients

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If you have recently acquired a Vanta license to automate compliance and security across your organization, we are excited to offer our Quickstart package to further accelerate your compliance journey. If you don’t have a license, we are happy to help get you one so that you can fast track your compliance journey.

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Compliance Made Easy is a certified service partner of Vanta. and Vanta work together to provide our clients with value beyond compliance. With cybersecurity, compliance and data privacy expertise, combined with Vanta’s best-in-class technology, you can quickly achieve your security compliance goals at a lower costs, proving trust and driving growth. 

We are a team of Vanta trained and security experts who will work closely with you to address your needs where time and resources are limited. Our Quickstart package includes:’s team can also provide other services, such as risk assessments, 3rd party vendor reviews, penetration tests, fully managed compliance programs. Chat with us to learn more.

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A vCISO, short for virtual CISO, performs the same role as a regular CISO or Chief Information Security Officer who is responsible for developing and implementing an organization’s information security program. However, a vCISO is not a full-time employee and is instead responsible for multiple companies. This service can be provided by trusted partners, individual security practitioners, or consultants.


vCISO is a service. It can be provided by one person or a company.

Generally, a vCISO service is ongoing and begins with a risk assessment, followed by a remediation plan and execution phase. However, it could also be a one-time or periodic risk assessment that produces a posture report and gap analysis.


When choosing a vCISO service provider, it is important to ensure that an experienced security professional is leading or at least a part of the team. This helps to ensure that the vCISO services you receive are personalized, cost-effective, efficient, and adhere to international best practices.