Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

It is difficult to anticipate future attacks. New vulnerabilities are discovered all the time. You need a mechanism for detecting the latest vulnerabilities in your environment to stay secure. 

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What is vulnerability assessment?

Vulnerability assessment is a test to uncover and evaluate vulnerabilities within your IT and cloud infrastructures. It can be performed on a one-time or regular basis.

By combining regular vulnerability assessments with a solid patch management approach, businesses can significantly lower the chances of encountering a cyber incident.

Vulnerability Assessment

There are different types of vulnerability scans that you can benefit from:

Internal Vulnerability Scan

Internal Vulnerability Scan

Examines your organization’s internal corporate network from the perspective of an insider or someone who has access to systems and networks.

External Vulnerability Scan

External Vulnerability Scan

Scans areas of your IT ecosystem that are not restricted to your internal users of systems.

OWASP Scan Against Web Services

OWASP Scan Against Web Services

Scans your IT ecosystem based on the OWASP framework.

Uncredentialed Scan

Uncredentialed Scan

Does not require credentials for scanning and does not get trusted access to the systems we are scanning.

Credentialed Scan

Credentials Scan

Requires logging in with a given set of credentials for scanning. These scans are conducted with a trusted user’s view of the environment.

Find every vulnerability

Team coding

Scan and detect every vulnerability in your IT and cloud infrastructure.

Prioritize them based on severity and urgency.

Remediate and prevent vulnerabilities fast

Team equipped

Get immediate, actionable remediation recommendations to build your defence.

Re-evaluate security posture

Security strategy planning

Schedule regular assessments to make sure that your business catches new threats before they turn into crisies.

Tune your reports to reduce false positives


The team can tailor the report based on your specific environment and feedback from your team to keep the report clean and only report actual threats.

Combine with 7x24 continuous security monitoring


By combining vulnerability assessments with’s 7×24 security operations team, you get the best in preventative and reactive security measures.

Why Manage Vulnerabilities with


We set things up and run the scan for you


Documenting the details of vulnerabilities detected, their severities, the number of associated accounts and more


Offering a set of tailored recommendations for remediation, taking into consideration your business needs and goals


We can work closely with you to execute the remediations


We reference the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) to analyze vulnerabilities and base on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) for patch remediation and prioritization.


By combining vulnerability assessments with our 7×24 managed threat detection, you get the best in preventative and reactive security measures

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