Kobalt.io Is Excited to be Back at Collision 2023

This year we are back with Vanta at the Collision Conference 2023. Thanks for stopping by!
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We strongly believe small businesses and startups are the engine of growth and innovation and we were thrilled to have met so many brilliant people like you. 


Being a startup ourselves, we understand how much time and effort you have put into growing your business which is why we understand how important it is to safeguard it. Cybercrime will cost the world $8 Trillion this year, and with the lack of resources and energy, small businesses are more vulnerable. Don’t wait until threat actors gain access to your system and inflict damage with what they find. 


If you need help stepping up your security and cyber hygiene best practices, we have an easy solution for you. Talk to us!

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If you were not able to join us, here is a sneak peek of the event. Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for more. We look forward to catching up soon! 

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