Kobalt.io Leverages Sumo Logic to Deliver Comprehensive Managed Threat Detection

Kobalt.io leverages Sumo Logic to deliver comprehensive solutions to better secure our customer’s critical assets and satisfy our customers' security and compliance needs.
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Sumo Logic is the first enterprise-grade cloud-based service that collects, manages, and analyzes all of your log data. Their unique processing and analytics capabilities give you real-time operational and security insights across all of your applications and infrastructure, on-premise or in the cloud. Combined with Kobalt.io’s expert team, our customers will get deep analytics into how their applications behave, and 24/7 monitoring that gives them continuous security to thwart modern threats across an ever-changing digital landscape. 

“We were looking for a cloud-native SIEM solution with flexible data residency, proper client data segregation and mature analytics to reduce false positives with good support for diverse data sources. We are excited to be partnering with Sumo Logic as their tool gives us the agility, and speed required for success. The high alarm fidelity allows us to focus on the important aspects of security instead of winnowing the chaff. We began seeing value within days of our first deployment.”

About Sumo Logic
Sumo Logic empowers the people who power modern, digital business through its Continuous Intelligence Platform™ to help practitioners and developers deliver reliable and secure cloud-native applications.

About Kobalt.io

Kobalt.io is a rapidly growing company that manages all aspects of cybersecurity programs for small and medium-sized, cloud-native businesses. We have served over 200 clients across many industries. Our team acts as an extension of our clients, considering their unique limitations and needs and supporting them with services ranging from security program-as-a-service to privacy management and 24×7 monitoring. Ensuring our client’s security and helping drive their business growth are our top priorities.

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