Michael Argast: Kobalt.Io Managing All Aspects Of Cybersecurity Programs

With limited resources, smaller businesses are often underprepared for cyberattacks and data breaches, and they can find it especially difficult to recover when they do occur. Kobalt.io enables SMEs to outsource cybersecurity, leveraging strength in numbers they don’t have on their own. It also makes high-level security affordable for smaller enterprises
Made in CA

It’s really about building relationships with our clients. Kobalt.io is agnostic to the technology and digital environments our clients currently operate in. We tailor security approaches based on the limitations and needs of our clients’ businesses, and with an investment of a fraction of the cost of building an internal security team, we act as an extended arm of our clients.

Recently Made in CA sat with Michael Argast, our CEO and Co-founder. Read on to check out our Kobalt.io founding story and our journey. 

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