Panel on Cybersecurity for Dental Practices

We had the pleasure to join a great panel on cybersecurity for dental practices. Cybersecurity is a real threat to healthcare providers.
Panel on cybersecurity for dental practices

We are thrilled to express our sincerest gratitude to the organizers of the Cybersecurity Panel for Dental Practices.

The discussion, which focused on the growing importance of cybersecurity in the dental industry, was both timely and informative.

As dental practices increasingly rely on technology to manage patient data and streamline administrative tasks, it is critical that they take the necessary steps to protect themselves from cyber threats. The panel provided an excellent forum for experts from the Vancouver Police Department as well as from RBC to share their insights and offer practical advice on how dental practices can improve their cybersecurity posture.

We would like to extend our thanks to the panelists, moderators, and attendees for their contributions to the discussion. We were honored to be a part f it and we hope that the insights shared will help dental practices better protect their sensitive information.

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