Providing Small and Medium Businesses with Big Budget Security offers what can be considered a “security program as a service”. With security being such a significant and layered operation for businesses, often small and medium businesses have been left out of the conversation and have had to rely on subpar or even nonexistent security support due to fewer resources available to acquire the necessary tech.
Michael Argast SaaS Mag

“Security is a good end unto itself…But fundamentally, you want to do that to enable the innovation and growth, the value that the organization brings to the world.”

Michael Argast has played many roles throughout his career. He has worked in operations and networking delivery and even ran sales engineering worldwide for a security firm. These experiences, combined with other roles in customer-facing security departments, would help inspire his participation in his current venture

Argast’s journey may sound straightforward, but there was a time when he wasn’t even sure that a startup would be in his future. In fact, his journey with started during a period of semi-retirement, with little assurance of what his future would hold. 

Recently The SaaS Mag sat down with Michael Argast, our CEO and Co-founder. Read on to check out our founding story and our journey. 

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