Kobalt.Io Launches A New Webinar Series

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The Attack and Defense webinar series provides you with a better understanding on real life cyber incidents and defense strategies that could help you secure your business.

Cyber attacks are coming fast and furious. Actively leveling up your security program is a smart and precautious way to defense against attacks. Put cyber and data security on your top priority to keep your business, clients and valuable information free from vulnerabilities.

About the Attack and Defense Webinar Series

In this webinar series, our co-founder and CEO, Michael Argast, will bring you a different perspective to understand real life cyber incident cases experienced by our customers and organizations that Kobalt.io works with. Michael will share the best practices and lessons learned in each episode to help you protect yourself and your team.

Episode 1 Learning Objectives

We will explore the topic of business email compromise and fraud.

  • Understand the differences between email compromise and email fraud

  • Look into three real-life cases: Self-discovered compromise, blackmail attempt, payment redirection

  • Investigate how the incidents occurred

  • Learn what defense strategies you can apply to your business




Kobalt.io provides enterprise quality security monitoring and proactive recommendations for growing small and medium-sized organizations across their Cloud, SaaS and corporate environments. More than that, Kobalt.io is a partner – one that empowers growing organizations with the stability to focus on what they do best.

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