Twilio Breach And What You Can Do

In today's interconnected world, the security of endpoints—those devices we rely on daily for accessing sensitive data—has never been more critical. Recent events serve as stark reminders of the vulnerabilities we face. A breach in these devices can allow hackers to traverse your network freely, wreaking havoc as they go. At [Your Company Name], we offer proactive solutions to safeguard your endpoints, starting at an affordable $5 per device per month. Join us as we delve into why endpoint security matters, and how you can protect your sensitive data effectively.
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A hacker claimed to have stolen 33 million phone numbers from U.S. messaging giant Twilio. Twilio confirmed that “threat actors” were able to identify the phone number of people who use Authy, a popular two-factor authentication app owned by Twilio. If attackers are able to enumerate a list of user’s phone numbers, then those attackers can pretend to be Authy/Twilio to those users, increasing the believability in a phishing attack to that phone number.

News like this underscores the importance of securing our endpoints, which we use every day to access sensitive information. Once breached, hackers can move laterally within your network and wreak havoc.

Starting as low as $USD 5 per device per month, you can monitor and protect endpoints from threats and ensure your sensitive data remains secure. Interested in learning more about our offerings? Chat with us now.

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And what if, in an unfortunate event, your organization faces a breach? Do you and your team know what steps to take? Pairing an Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) with a robust incident response plan enables swift action against security challenges. Watch the video below to learn more, or book a time to chat with us and strengthen your security strategy.

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