What CEO Talks About Podcast: I Thought I Was Out – They Just Dragged Me Back In

The entrepreneurial journey requires serious commitment, determination, and resiliency. According to Michael Argast, an entrepreneur must take big risks — but, with the right support and passion driving their decisions, they can reap even bigger rewards.
What CEO Talks About Michael Argast Kobalt.io

Michael Argast is the Co-founder and CEO of Kobalt.io, a cybersecurity services firm that assesses, develops, and runs cybersecurity programs for small and mid-sized organizations. Kobalt.io provides continuous monitoring of cloud, SaaS, and corporate environments to ensure security and compliance. 

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

• Michael Argast talks about his company, Kobalt.io, and how he ended up in the cybersecurity industry 

• Michael’s experience starting and growing Kobalt over the past two years 

• How Michael’s career pathway prepared him for entrepreneurship

 • What makes a good entrepreneur?

 • Why Michael chose to serve small and mid-sized businesses 

• The value of constantly listening and learning as the leader of an organization

 • How Michael reinforces his company’s corporate values on a daily basis

• Michael’s concerns about jumping into entrepreneurship and how he overcame them

 • What are Michael’s future goals for Kobalt.io?

 • Michael shares the people and books that have had the biggest impact on his career

Tune in now.

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