Why Cybersecurity Awareness Training?

Chapter 3 of The Global Risks Report 2022 revolves around digital dependencies and cyber vulnerabilities across the world. The main highlights correspond to the disturbing findings hereafter: an increase of 435% in ransomware and 95% of cybersecurity issues are tracked down to human error.
Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Why is Cybersecurity Awareness Training Essential?

The digital world brings about a multitude of risks, ranging from security breaches and data leaks to full-scale cyberattacks. As a business organization, safeguarding the sensitive data you hold is not only a top priority but also a critical responsibility. The primary line of defence for your organization is not complex cybersecurity systems but rather a well informed, cautious, and vigilant professional team. Thanks to the implementation of Cybersecurity Awareness Training, you can generate a human firewall that shields your organization from a significant portion of cyber threats

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