Security Awareness Training

Your team is the front line. Help them keep your business and data secure through effective education.

Your team is the most important link in your organization’s security.

The number of cyber attacks has been increasing every year. The most pervasive threats including phishing and ransomware, target users to breach your security defenses.

When end users are educated on how to spot a cyber attack or avoid one, the risk of a breach reduces massively.

Enroll your teams into awareness trainings today to keep your organization and clients safe.

Our awareness trainings include:

  1. Security Awareness Training 2021
  2. Privacy Training
  3. Online Financial Fraud Training
  4. Working from Home: Training for Users and IT Staff
  5. Securing Your Home Network

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Awareness training

Pricing from $10/user/year.

Security Awareness Training Modules

Data Protection

Data Protection



Email and Phishing

Social Engineering

Social Engineering

Malware and Ransomware