Understanding Retailer Obligations Concerning Data Collection

With the advancement of digital technologies come opportunities for retailers to get closer to their customers through the collection of their personal data. But, how much is too much?
Privacy Policy

As a retailer, what are your obligations to safeguard customer personal data? If you’re expanding your business, have you accounted for the challenges you will face when you collect data from customers who live in jurisdictions with highly restrictive data protection laws? How will you reconcile your obligations across borders and industries? Read Ritchie’s new article in the latest issue of Retail Insider.

If any part of a business' operations is being outsourced to a third party entity, ad that company collects, processes, or stores personal data n its behalf, the outsourcing business is legally responsible as the head contactor ad data custodian in the event of a breach.

If you encounter any of the challenges mentioned or want to stay compliant to build trust with clients, chat with us.


Still got questions about privacy and compliance? Rewatch our webinar to understand the legal frameworks and best practices for your organization. 

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