Cybersecurity Compliance GRC

Chicken Or The Egg: Compliance or Clients?

Early stage startups targeting enterprise clients often find themselves in an interesting conundrum, which is they have key prospects that tell them that in order to purchase the startup needs to prove their security in the form of SOC2, ISO27001 or another compliance standard.

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cyber security incident preparedness

Cyber Security Incident Preparedness

Your ability to effectively predict and respond to smaller incidents is a good indicator of your ability to do the same for larger events. Organizations can be crushed by paper cut deaths of small incidents which cause a loss of productivity and revenue in the same way that minor accidents cause major delays in travel time, delaying goods and causing economic damage.

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Cybersecurity Compliance Frameworks: An Overview

By assigning an external party to review and assess your internal security controls through a recognized cybersecurity standard framework, you are demonstrating to your clients and your potential clients that your organization is serious about cybersecurity.

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