Digital Identity

Digital Identity: The Perimeter of Business Cyber Resilience

Digital identity is an increasingly popular attack vector for cybercriminals. The vulnerability of online identity breeds cybercrime. Unsecured and unmanaged digital identities are exposing organizations to greater cybersecurity risks. With so much of our personal information now available online, protecting it is crucial.

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RBC& Collaboration Announces Collaboration with RBC to Enhance Small and Mid-Sized Business Cybersecurity Resilience

Accelerating digital transformation has driven businesses to rapidly adopt contactless solutions such as remote work, health, and financial technology services, cloud-based software solutions. However, where safeguards have not matched the pace of the swift online migration, higher cybersecurity risks are the consequence. and RBC are collaborating to offer risk-centric cybersecurity programs and operational services that will help strengthen the resilience of the Canadian small and mid-sized businesses.

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