Selecting, Building, Landing and Growing Your Cybersecurity Career

I’ve been fortunate to work in a wide diversity of cybersecurity roles over my two decades in the field – from operations, services, consulting, vendors, managed service providers (MSPs) and more. I’ve hired hundreds of professionals from senior, experienced leaders to green new recruits. Here are some tips I have for those looking to select, build, land and grow their cybersecurity careers.

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Why – Two Years In

Michael co-founded two years ago. The team and Michael have learned a lot throughout the journey. In this blog, Michael shares his learnings and the reasons why he’s excited to continue to help solve the problem of security for small and medium-sized businesses.

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Security State of the Union 2021

Major security events in 2020 will continue to impact us well into 2021 as their second and third order effects cascade through the market. Keep an eye out for these trends and events.

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Lessons from the Capital One breach

The recent Capital One breach is a very interesting case study in security for a variety of reasons. It’s happened recently, there is a unusually large amount of publicly available data due to court filings and an attacker who was very intentionally sharing a lot of information, it involves AWS cloud services and isn’t just “admin made S3 bucket public” and of course it impacts a large number of people. In this blog post we’re going to dive deep into some quick thoughts on lessons learned from this attack.

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